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EPPERS: Mavericks. It doesn't make sense to pick the young player (no matter how good he is) on the road in his first Game 7 over one of the best playoff performers ever, but nothing about this series has really made sense. It stays weird, and Luka Doncic gets it done to send Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers home with another disappointing playoff exit.Detroit Pistons Mouse Pads

Moments later, Harden wasn't even in the game, forced to leave with a right hamstring injury less than a minute into the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Youngmisuk: The most Clipper-ish thing to do would be to lose the first two games at home, win two in a row on the road, return home and lose, only to force a Game 7 by winning on the road again just to lose a pressure-packed, do-or-die, future-on-the-line Game 7. BUT if the Clippers force a Game 7, it's hard seeing them losing all four of their homes games in a series, even with their history for calamity.Boston Celtics Mouse Pads


Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Thompson’s live chat on a boat was how much he missed playing for the Warriors the past couple of years. That, and he sounds absolutely hyped to get back on the court in the near future.Chicago Bulls Mouse Pads

Much like the first few years of his career, it didn’t come easy for Book in this series either. Even with LeBron James and Anthony Davis missing half the season, the Lakers were the NBA’s No. 1 defense for a reason, and after his 34-point, 8-assist, 7-rebound debut in Game 1, LA clamped down on the two-time All-Star. In Games 2-4, Booker shot just 18-for-50 from the field (36 percent) and 2-for-12 from behind the arc (16.7 percent).

Custom NBA Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

In the playoffs, it was Davis' left leg that let him down; he first suffered a knee sprain in Game 3, then a groin strain in Game 4.Miami Heat Mouse Pads

For that reason, do not be surprised to see Tucker as a fifth option — in place of Connaughton if Milwaukee wants to go super big or in lieu of Lopez if Brooklyn's small-ball closing lineup is presenting a challenge.