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Frank Gore still wants to play, hopes the right team calls originally appeared on Pro Football TalkGreen Bay Packers Face Masks
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Fassel was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the seventh round of the 1972 NFL Draft but made his mark as a coach rather than a player. After bouncing around the WFL, USFL and NCAA for a number of years, Fassel broke into the NFL on the sidelines as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach with the New York Giants in 1991.

CINCINNATI -- One aspect of the Cincinnati Bengals' offense never seemed right last season -- and it involved one of the best players in franchise history.Philadelphia Eagles Face Masks

The days following the Super Bowl included plenty of chatter regarding Wilson potentially leaving the Seahawks. The team held firm, however, and Wilson seems to have accepted that he has no viable alternative to playing for the team that drafted him in 2012.


That’s a matter of opinion and the one that will be voiced most loudly will be the dissatisfied one. The Patriots had the room under the cap to pay Jones. He’s not at all the brittle fella he got painted as in the past few weeks. I would be willing to wager he will be one of the 10 best receivers in the NFL through the remainder of his contract. The Patriots still aren’t daunting at wide receiver.


“Making sure I know the playbook like the back of my hand,” he said. “Making sure I’m sharp on footwork. Just the little things. Sharpening up the little things.”Kansas City Chiefs Face Masks

Compare the consistent production from Jones since 2014 and a lone season of Davis doing great things, and it’s worth every penny.New York Jets Face Masks